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What is VenSero?

The VenSero Platform equips a facility with a powerful real-time communication dashboard that standardizes the surgical vendor coordination process and equipment tracking.

VenSero eliminates the manual complexity associated with surgical case coordination by linking perioperative and CSP/SPD staff, surgeons and medical vendors, tracking the entire communication process on a HIPAA compliant SaaS system.


The Problem

Lack of standardization and visibility makes surgical coordination with your vendors hard to manage.

  • Manually calling medical vendors trying to coordinate surgeries is time consuming and can be inaccurate.
  • Tracking Consigned and Loaner Equipment for each surgery is handwritten and paper driven.
  • Miscommunication with surgical vendors and missing equipment causes delays or cancellations of scheduled surgical cases.
  • Surgical Vendor Accountability is NON-Existent.

OR Staff

OR Staff spend hours every day manually coordinating surgeries between medical vendors, doctors offices and the sterile processing department.

SPD Staff

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SPD/CSP Directors are constantly tracking down vendors for consigned & loaner equipment. Holding the vendors accountable to a loaner policy is near impossible.


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Surgeons’ and their staff often take time to call all of their vendors instead of focusing on patients in office or at the facility.

Surgical Vendors

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Medical Vendors are constantly moving between facilities, in the OR and are hard to reach. Hospital staff are leaving voicemails hoping the vendor gets the upcoming surgery information.

Our Solution

Let VenSero’s Consigned & Loaner Management (C.A.L.M.) Drive Standardization and Compliance

With VenSero, Surgeons & Hospital Staff can track the coordination process from:

  • First Scheduling Request of Medical Vendors
  • Active Response back to the facility from Vendor
  • Arrival of Loaner Equipment in CSP/SPD
  • Return and Pick up for case closure
  • Reduces equipment related surgical delays and day of surgery cancellations; improving patient safety
  • Improves staff efficiency in scheduling equipment for cases
  • Automates vendor scheduling and equipment coordination
  • Minimizes Redundant Internal and External Communication
  • Establishes Vendor Accountability
  • Improves both Surgeons Satisfaction & Patient Safety
  • Provides HIPAA Compliant Communication & Mobile Accessibility

Vensero’s C.A.L.M. system is designed to adhere to IAHCSMM Guidelines

  • Notifies SPD/CSP of loaned equipment needs
  • Documents arrival of new & existing loaner equipment for new sets on your timeline
  • Automatically creates labels and tray counts with case details
  • Creates both electronically & printable documented inventory list
  • Delivers IFU’s (FDA-cleared manufacturers guidelines)
  • Provides consigned/loaner equipment pictures
  • Maintains records of the transactions

What Our Clients Think

“VenSero has shown us great vendor standardization in our process for contacting the reps, having the reps acknowledge the case information, and checking in equipment. We have seen immediate cost savings in labor due to the amount of phone calls and emails that my staff are not having to do. We should of had something like this a long time ago!”
– Billy Key, Business Manager, Inova Fair Oaks
“VenSero has been a tremendous benefit in assuring case readiness and improved communication of patient care between the surgeon, sales specialist and the OR/Sterile Processing Coordinators. Before VenSero, I was spending an average of 2 hours per day handling the coordination, now with VenSero, I spend an average of 5 minutes per day.”
– Debra Kording, Periop Specialist

About Sero Solutions

Services are delivered by our experienced team who are passionate about enhancing your process to improve patient safety and surgical department efficiency.

Sero Solution’s tools provide insight into your workflow processes and offers executable solution’s to improve performance and patient safety.

Our company was developed with the promise that Perioperative, SPD/CSP, and Vendor collaboration can drive performance improvement, increase patient safety and improve the revenue cycle by bringing together technology and LEAN methodology.

Formed in 2011 in Annapolis, Maryland we developed and deployed VenSero (formerly ScheduleGreen) within hospitals across the country who strived to standardize, simplify and improve Surgical Vendor Coordination and tray tracking.  VenSero’s real-time, HIPAA compliant dashboard provided facilities with accountability, increased patient safety and immediate ROI.

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