Put the focus back on your patients

and streamline your surgical vendor coordination

VenSero is directly integrated with Epic

Schedule, Track & Manage surgical vendors assigned to cases WITHIN Epic
Direct Epic Integration via RESTful API's
Epic AppOrchard approved application


Stop wasting time coordinating manually

Surgical care uses the latest proven technologies to achieve the best outcomes for patients. Why should coordinating the people and equipment needed before surgery be any different? Stop using the “old way” wasting precious time calling, emailing and manually coordinating with surgical vendor reps. VenSero is a web-based tool that automates vendor scheduling and equipment coordination, tracking every step in the process in one central location so everyone is always on the same page.


VenSero transforms your surgical vendor coordination process by automating communication and enforcing accountability


Drive Change

Loaner Tray Management

VenSero eliminates uncertainty around requested equipment and closes the communication gap with real-time visibility to loaner and consignment trays needed for every scheduled surgery.

Run reports, track progress and improve compliance! VenSero gives you the data and tools to enforce a positive change to improve patient, staff and surgeon satisfaction.


"Before VenSero, I was spending an average of 2 hours per day handling the coordination, now with VenSero, I spend an average of 5 minutes per day."

- Debra Kording, PeriOp Specialist

"We have seen our numbers in six months go from 20% - 30% of trays on time to 70% - 80%. Overall it has helped us better coordinate and reduce stress on the staff to ensure that everything needed for a case arrives appropriately."

- Mead Mulvihill, Director of PeriOp Support Analytics for Inova Fair Oaks Hospital


Avoid Delays & Cancellations


Standardize Processes


Drive Compliance & Accountability

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See how VenSero can transform your coordination process


  • Intuitive calendar dashboard displaying case details
  • "Stop Light" color-coding system to indicate case status
  • Automated communication and case confirmations with vendors
  • Tracking and documentation of all incoming loaner equipment
  • Automated alerts for unacknowledged cases and missing equipment
  • Controlled menu of approved products and vendor reps
  • Kiosk for equipment check-in & check-out
  • Mobile App for iOS & Android Devices
  • HIPPA Compliant and follows IAHCSMM guidelines